Conference Papers

2017, June 21. “Trump’s New Face of American Power, 35th International Visual Sociology Conference, Concordia University, Montreal

2017, June 1, “This is Contract Faculty Time,” Canadian Communication Association, Ryerson University, Toronto

2016, July 7. “Roy Andersson’s “Living Trilogy” and Cinematic Metaphysics,” Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

2013. May 4. “The University after Social Media,” Social Media: Implications for the University, York University, Toronto

2013, April 6. “The Network University in Transition,” Identity, Agency and the Digital Nexus, University of Alberta., Edmonton

2012, July 3. “Academic Technoculture after Social Media,”ACS Crossroads, Paris

2012, May 31. “Paul Virilio’s Media Theorizing and Ecological Ethics,” Canadian Communication Association Conference, Waterloo

2012, April 28. “The Union Against Itself: The Mirror Stage of Contract Faculty Labour,” The University is Ours! A Conference on Struggles Within and Beyond the Neoliberal University, Toronto

2011, November 6, “The Triple Crisis of the University,” Canadian Association of Cultural Studies, Liminal Labours: Plenary Panel on Academic Labour Conditions and Equity Issues, Montreal

2011, June 1. “The University and the Conduct of Pedagogy,” Canadian Communication Association Conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick

2011, May 14. “The Network University in Transition,”  Media in Transition 7: Unstable Platforms: The Promise and Peril of Transition,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

2010, June 3. “Notes from the Network University,” Canadian Communication Association Conference, Concordia University, Montreal

2010, April 10. “University Discourse Network 2010,” Media TransAtlantic: Media Theory in North America and German-Speaking Europe, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

2009, October 18. “Learning to Immaterial Labour: Notes from the Field of Digital Academe,” Digital Labour: Workers, Authors, Citizens, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, University of Western Ontario, London

2009, May 29. “Not Listening to Casualized Labour: Media and the 2008-09 York University Strike,” Canadian Communication Association, Carleton University, Ottawa

2009, April 24. “Ten Theses on the York University Strike,” Reworking the University: Visions, Strategies, Demands, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

2009, March 22. “Ten Theses on the York University Strike,” Intersections Conference, Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture, York University and Ryerson University, Toronto

2008, September 11, “The Network University: Steps to a Media Ecology of Academic Mind,” Oxford e.Research Conference, The University of Oxford, Oxford

2008, July 6. “The Network University and the Conflict of the Technocultures,” ACS Crossroads, University of the West Indies, Kingston

2008, January 19. “Media, Knowledge and the Networked University,” The Fourth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, Northeastern University, Boston

2007, October 26. “The Virtual University in Formation.” International Conference of the Union for Democratic Communications, Vancouver

2007, July 21. “Cultural Studies + Technology: It’s About Time,” Cultural Studies Now, University of East London, London

2007, June 1. “Media, Time and the Changing University,“ Canadian Communication Association Conference, Saskatoon

2006, September 7. “Media, Temporality and Environmentality,” Media Change and Social Theory, St. Hugh’s College, The University of Oxford, Oxford

2006, June 10. “A Technocultural Studies Approach to Election Politics,” Technology & Citizenship Symposium, McGill University, Montreal

2006, June 3.  “A Technocultural Critique of the OMPP’s  Election Studies,” Canadian Communication Association Conference, Toronto

2006, May 19. with Jody Berland, “Against Profile Fetishization: Marketing and Communications in the Age of Academic Capitalism,” Union for Democratic Communication, Boca Raton

2006, February 28. with Jody Berland, Scaling the World: The Art of Reusing Urban Space, Goethe-Institut, Toronto

2006, January 22. “Is This What Media Democracy Looks Like?” CAMERA presentation,
National Canadian Student Journalism Conference, Toronto

2005, March 13. “Democracy and the Dromocratic Condition: Accelerated Politics in the Canadian Election,” The Dromocratic Condition: Contemporary Cultures of Acceleration, School of English, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

2004, June 2. “Pre-Election Polls and the Democratic Process: Accelerated Public Opinion Discourse in the 2004 Canadian Election,” Canadian Communication Association, London

2004, June 28. “The ‘Temporal Turn’ in Media Studies,” ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

2004, February 13. with Jody Berland, “The Wychwood Carbarns Park Project: Cultural Theory, Research Practice, and Local Politics,” Culturepoles: City Spaces, Urban Politics and Metropolitan Theory, Canadian Association of Cultural Studies Conference, McMaster University, Hamilton

2003, June 1. “Cultural Studies Goes to the Park: Methodological Notes on Green Participant Activist Research,” Canadian Association for Cultural Studies, Halifax

2003, June 2, “Signs of a New Park: Towards a New Urbanism and a Green Public Culture,” Canadian Communication Association, Halifax

2003, February 1. “McLuhan, Virilio and Speed in the Age of Digital Reproduction,” The Canadian Association for Cultural Studies, Hamilton

2002, May 29. “For a Unified Political Economy of New Alternative Media Practice,” Canadian Communication Association Conference, Toronto

2000, May 13-17. “Media Violence: The Media Reports,” Summit 2000: Children, Youth and the Media–Beyond the Millennium, Toronto

2000, May 6-7. “A Colloquium on TVTV, or Pierre Bourdieu’s Anti-Anti-Intellectualism,” Brainwatching: Intellect and Ideology in Media Culture, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto

1999, June 6. “Virilio’s Plea for Time: From Global Village to World City (revised version),” Canadian Communication Association Conference, Sherbrooke

1998, October 23-25. “Virilio’s Pea for Time: From Global Village to World City,” Many Dimensions: The Extensions of Marshall McLuhan, University of Toronto, Toronto

1998, May 16-17. “Hard Boiled Woo: From A Better Tomorrow to Face/Off,”  Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot! — Film, Television, Guns, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto

1997, November 20-23. “Theorizing Masculinity With/In the Media,” Critical and Cultural Studies Division, National Communication Association Conference, Chicago

1997, May 22-26. “Virilio’s ‘Art of the Motor:’ Speed and Vision in the World City,” Philosophy of Communication Division, 47th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Montreal

1996, November 23-26. “Mass Communication’ as Curriculum Discourse: The View from Media Studies,” Mass Communication Interest Group, SCA Convention, San Diego

1996, November 23-26. “Teaching Media Studies: A Seminar Approach to Critical Pedagogy,” Experiential Learning in Communication Commission, SCA Convention, San Diego

1996, June 2-4. “In the Shadow of the Satellite Footprint: New Media and Identity — Until the End of the World,” Canadian Communication Association, Learned Societies Congress, Brock University, St. Catharines

1996, May 23-27. “Yo Quiero Mi MTV!: Making Music Television for Latin America,” Popular Communication Interest Group, ICA Convention, Chicago

1996, April 19. “Yo Quiero Mi MTV!: Making Music Television for Latin America,” Critical Theory Forum, University of Louisville, Louisville

1996, March 29-30. “Inside MTV Latino: Making Music Television for Latin America,” Drake University Conference on Popular Music and Music Culture, Des Moines

1995, November 10-11. “In the Shadow of the Satellite Footprint: A Reading of Until the End of the World,” Identity At/As the Border Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington

1995, February 2-4. “MTV in Latin America,” 12th Annual Intercultural/International Communication Conference, Miami

1994, November 19-22. “Imagining the Multicultural Community: Northern Exposure and the Politics of Difference,” Speech Communication Association, Mass Communication Division (top three competitive paper), New Orleans

1994, February 25. “Northern Exposure and the Construction of Multicultural Community,” Department of Communication colloquium, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton

1993, July 10-13. “Teaching Cultural Studies in Communication,” Cultural Studies in Communication: An Exploration of Assumptions, Research and Methods (SCA summer conference), Nashville

1993, May 27-31. “Situation Comedies as Gender Comedies: Hegemonic Masculinity and its Reiteration,” International Communication Association Conference, Washington, D.C.

1993, April 14-18, “Quantum Leap: The Postmodern Challenge to History,” Southern States Communication Association/Central States Communication Association Convention, Lexington

1992, October 29 – November 1. “From Tool Time To Halftime: Framing the Unruly Woman,” Speech Communication Association Conference, Chicago

1991, “TV News and the Gulf War,” Gulf War Teach-In, University of Louisville, Louisville

1990, October 4-7. “Televising the Crack Crisis: Drugs, Race, and the New Right,” International Conference on Media and Crisis, Quebec City

1989, October. “Masculinity in a Minor Key: Masculinity and the Hegemonic Process in thirtysomething,” 7th International Conference on Culture and Communication, Philadelphia

1986, October. “The Message ‘This is Culinary Culture’: An Exploration of Urban Food Symbolism,” 6th International Conference on Culture and Communication, Philadelphia